Westminster-St.Paul's Presbyterian Church


Vacation Bible School

August 21-25

9am - 12 noon

  For Kids 5-12

Ahoy maties!  On August 21 we will be sailing away to SonTreasure Island, the place where kids learn about the greatest treasure of all Ė Godís love.  SonTreasure Island has everything you could wish for in an island get-away: games, music, drama, crafts, and a lesson each day about the love of God in Jesus Christ.


On Monday weíll learn that Godís love is giving.  God loved us so much that he gave us his Son, Jesus.



On Tuesday weíll learn that Godís love is kind.  Jesus showed the kindness of God when he helped a sick girl, Jairusí daughter.



On Wednesday weíll learn that Godís love is caring.  Jesus showed Godís care when he spoke with a Samaritan woman at a well.



On Thursday weíll learn that Godís love is forgiving.  Jesus showed Godís forgiveness when he forgave Zacchaeus, a tax collector



On Friday weíll learn that Godís love is forever.  Jesus died, but he also rose again and lives forever, so his love never ends.


In addition to these characters from the Bible, kids will meet Captain Cooky whose great grandfather, Graham-Cracker Cooky, first landed on the SonTreasure Island and buried a treasure. Will Captain Cookyís friends, Brad Krumbs, Pearl Shellfish and Coco Banana figure out how to read the map and find the treasure?


Each day kids will enjoy SonTreasure island sports, crafts, theme activities, and a tropical treat at snack time.  And the music has that cool Calypso beat, mon!


There are only 50 places available, so register now.  To register, mail or bring one of these forms (registration and Health Info ) to the church office together with $10.  On Monday Aug. 21 please ensure that your child arrives at 8.30, so as to complete registration in person.


A collection will be taken each day for the work of Presbyterian World Service and Development, bringing disaster relief to the hurricane-prone islands of the Caribbean.  On Friday, the final day, parents are invited to come for the VBS closing and luncheon which will run until 1pm. 


The SonTreasure Island VBS curriculum was developed by the people at Gospel Light Publications.  See their website for more information.