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Searching Questions

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Who were the wise men? January 4, 2011

There are a lot of traditions about the wise men.  What can be known about them for sure from history and from the bible?  Why does the Bible and the Christian tradition consider their visit important? 

What would be missing for you from the Christmas story if the wise men were not part of the tradition?  Do you find their visit plausible?  In the nativity story movie that came out a few years ago the wise men provide a kind of comic relief Ė is there something comical or cartoonish about the way we often picture the wise men?

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Why do Godís people always sing? February 1, 2011

Are you a singer?  Is the music an important part of worship for you?  Can you think of a particular piece of sacred music or a particular performance of it which was an important spiritual experience for you?  What pieces of Christian music move you?  Is there a difference between sacred and secular music in its power to move you?  What disturbs your experience of God through music in the worship?  Do you have a strong inclination or disinclination toward one of the following (and why?): a) traditional hymns, spirituals, contemporary praise and worship music, psalms, taize chant.

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