Westminster-St.Paul's Presbyterian Church



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The job of the organist-choir director is to participate in the creation of worship.  Worship is the glorification of God by Godís people, and the nourishment of Godís people by Godís Word and Sacraments.  As a co-creator of worship at Westminster-St. Paulís, the organist-choir director works with the minister(s) and the Worship Group to enhance the ministry of music within the congregation.  This position must foster and promote a healthy Christian atmosphere. 

Responsible to: Session 

Skills and Qualifications:

  1. Ability to play proficiently various styles of music on organ and piano.
  2. Ability to recruit, direct and motivate a volunteer church choir.
  3. Ability to select both contemporary and traditional music for purchase and presentation, which is complementary to the style of worship.
  4. Ability to work as a team leader and team member.
  5. A degree or certificate in music from a recognized school or academy is preferred.
  6. Sensitivity to and some knowledge of Presbyterian worship, especially as this is expressed through music. 


  1. Provide organ or piano musical accompaniment during and 15 minutes prior to regular Sunday morning services and for other special services e.g. Good Friday, Christmas Eve.
  2. Conduct weekly choir rehearsals, and prepare the choir for special services.
  3. Meet regularly with the minister(s) to co-ordinate and plan worship services.  Minister(s) will select hymns; organist usually selects anthems.
  4. Participate in regular meetings of the Worship Group.
  5. Select and purchase choir music, in collaboration with the Worship Group, which is suited to the blended worship style of the congregation and the strengths of the choir.
  6. Prepare a music budget proposal annually and an annual report.
  7. Play for weddings and funerals held at the church (Personal schedule will be considered).
  8. Rehearse, as needed, with individuals, small groups and instrumentalists.
  9. Promote, encourage and support the use, during services, of a variety of instruments and music groups (e. g. vocal or instrumental soloists, ensembles, trios, choirs) who may or may not be regular choir members.
  10. Provide accompaniment for intra-mural congregational events or church-group meetings, where there is music (Personal schedule will be considered).
  11. Be available to play for extra-mural services conducted as a ministry of outreach from Westminster-St. Paulís to the community e.g. nursing home services, or as an ecumenical venture (Personal schedule will be considered).
  12. Arrange for a competent substitute organist for absences due to vacation, continuing education, leave of absence, and when possible, illness.
  13. Arrange, in collaboration with the minister(s) and Worship Group, for others to carry on a ministry of music during period, e.g. the summer months, when the choir is on holiday.
  14. Be supportive of other musical bodies e.g. a junior choir, a hand-bell choir, should any such arise within the congregation, by acting as their leader, or as a resource to their leader(s).
  15. Keep a record of the hymns (including numbers and names of tunes) and anthems used each week, and file music.
  16. Care for and arrange maintenance for the musical instruments with appropriate approval.



Hours of work:

This part-time position includes a Thursday evening choir rehearsal, Sunday morning service, and other time as required for meetings, planning, etc.

Probationary Period:

A three-month probationary period applies to all new employees at which time a review of the employeeís work will be made.

Performance Review:

An annual review will be conducted by the Personnel Committee.


  • Remuneration will be commensurate with a part time position based on qualifications and experience.
  • Additional monies for each funeral and wedding service are to be paid by those requesting the service in accordance with a scale approved by Session.
  • Remuneration will be reviewed annually. Change to remuneration requires approval at the annual congregational meeting.


  • Two weeks paid vacation annually after one year of service, with substitute organist paid by congregation.
  • Annual continuing education allowance of one hundred and fifty dollars, with congregation paying organist supply costs for one choir practice and one Sunday.  Session to approve date of continuing education event.  Time cumulative up to three years by which time it must be used or forfeited.
  • Annual sick leave of up to four weeks. 

Leave of absence:

Absence for other than vacation, illness and continuing education will be considered upon agreement of the minister(s) and Music and Worship Committee.  Substitute organists for such leave will be arranged for by the organist, and paid by the employer in lieu of payment to the regular organist during such leave.