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Community Outreach



Westminster-St. Paul’s takes seriously the call upon Christians to be generous, especially toward those in need.  In addition to participation in Presbyterians Sharing, a kind of “United Way” of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and the ministry of Special Days, already mentioned, Westminster-St. Paul’s supports various local ministries to those in need, as well as overseas work in Nicaragua.  

The work in Nicaragua focuses around the sponsorship of two teachers in Chaghitillo, and the congregation is kept informed of other incidental needs of our partners there by two members of the congregation who travel regularly to Nicaragua. 

Throughout Lent the congregation gave a special offering toward PWS&D special projects in Malawi:

  • $18 provided seeds and planting materials to help a farmer diversify his crops

  • $20 provided a farm household with a pair of rabbits

  • $25 provided 200 children with a fresh egg each or a meal of rice for 500 children

  • $30 provided fresh milk for 200 children

  • $20 provided 100 children with bread for a week or one meal of meat

  • $55 provided training materials for 60 home-based care volunteers

  • $4 provided one family with one mosquito net

  • $90 provided start-up costs for a small-scale business to support AIDS orphans

  • $45 provided 200 children with fresh vegetables for one week

A total of $2306.00 was raised. This amount will cover the cost of
-- 8 packages of seeds and planting materials
-- 7 pairs of rabbits
-- 1 egg for 1000 children or a meal of rice for 2500 children
-- fresh milk for 1400 children
-- bread for 1 week for 700 children or one meat-based meal for 700 children
-- materials to train 360 home-based care volunteers
-- mosquito nets for 158 families
-- start-up costs for 5 small-scale businesses to support AIDS orphans and
-- fresh vegetables for 600 children for one week

Locally our support is given to: the Guelph Food Bank, Change Now, Sr. Christine’s Drop In Centre, the Salvation Army, Evangel Hall, the Christian Salvage Mission and Knox Guelph’s Prescription Drug program. 

During the month of May three fund raisers were held. The policy at Westminster-St. Paul’s on fundraising is that proceeds are used only for special projects – usually charitable projects – and not to cover the church’s operating expenses. The Management Committee’s Perennial Plant Sale raised $1200.00 with proceeds of $600 going to Malawi PWSD and $600 going to repair one coloured window. Both the Victoria Circle’s annual dessert and card party and the Westminster Belles’ Fashion Show raised funds for the ongoing work of the church.

The McGillivary and Victoria Circles were pleased to host Dr. Deborah Tezlo, a visiting mission partner from the Bhil Field in India and medical superintendent of the Jobat Christian Hospital at a luncheon on May 10th. Following her visit, the women made a gift of $200 toward the construction of an intensive care unit in Jobat Christian Hospital.

Because of the rationalization of services to those in hardship in the city, Westminster-St. Paul’s no longer provides grocery vouchers or other benefits in cash or kind directly to members of the public.  Instead we support those who are doing the distribution and refer those who approach us to them.