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Christian Education


Christian Education and Nurture

Westminster-St. Paulís, as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, baptizes adults who have come to faith and their children.The baptism of infants and children entails a commitment on the part of the parents and of the congregation to engage in a process of Christian Nurture and Education.From the time children are baptized they are considered part of the Christian community at Westminster-St. Paulís.The church provides a nursery for them until the age of 3, when they are old enough to join the Sunday school.The nursery is overseenby two young mothers of the congregation: Carolyn Goodchild and Hannah Morris.The Sunday school has 3 classes: a junior, an intermediate and a senior. The Sunday School is overseen by Elspeth Singh and is staffed by six regular teachers and one helper.

The children of the Sunday School are with the congregation for the first part of the worship service, then go down to Sunday School following the Childrenís Sermon (or the celebration of baptism, on a baptismal Sunday). There they have about 45 minutes with their teachers. The session has recently modified its policy on children at the Lordís Table. Children are welcomed to the Lordís table when a) they have received instruction in the meaning of the sacrament, b) they minister and session agree that they have become ďchildren of faith and c) their parents concur. If visiting children are baptized and regularly take communion at another branch of the Christian church, they are welcome to participate in Holy Communion at Westminster-St. Paulís.

Youth Group

From October to February events were planned for a youth group by the minister. Owing to the small attendance at these events, the continuation of a youth group does not appear viable at present. The minister and session are looking for youth events off-site which our youth could be invited to attend.

Christian Basics Course

Do you want to know more about what it means to be a Christian - a Christ-follower?  Have you recently become a member of the church or been considering membership in the church. Do you enjoy the kind of discussion and social interaction that a small-group format encourages? If so, then "Christian Basics" is for you!  The last session of Christian Basics ran during Lent 2006, and the next session is being planned for either Lent or Eastertide 2007, with a possible sequel to Christian Basics being offered as well.

For more details go to the Christian Basics Course page by clicking here or contact the Minister by email at karla@westminsterstpauls.ca. To download a program flyer - click here.