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Our 50th Anniversary
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Our 50th Anniversary

The Year of Jubilee

January Banner for Sanctuary


Selling of hasty notes with church on front


Gospel Concert, March 1/08 with - Reunion and The proverbs, tickets $10.00

  • Each Sunday, past ministers are to preach

  • Talents and Treasures Auction

  • Week of April 14, photos to be taken for the Pictorial Directory

  • May 3/4 - celebration weekend - catered dinner with Saturday tickets to be $25.00/ea. and limited to 120 - 140 people (to be held at new life church due to space limitations at WSP)

  • Anniversary Sunday - with special guests and visitors (lunch provided)

  • Cookbook to be ready for sale

  • 50th Anniversary Commemorative book to be ready (1 per household)

June Picnic/Bbq fun day with hot dogs/clowns/face painting/dunk tank (to be a community affair)

July/August No planned activities

  • time capsule - each group in church is asked to submit an item for the box (no bigger than 4" x 6" in size)

  • Karla's photo to be added to the minister's wall of photos

  • Photo Directory will be ready for distribution

  • luncheon Sunday will have a baby photo contest (each person is asked to submit a baby photo and we try to guess who's who, with the winner to receive two free tickets to the turkey supper).